Define your own atmsophere

Gembu accompanies you in the realization of yours projects ans their definition.

Relooking or Complete renovation, Gembu adapts itself to your needs to dévelop your own concept.

Endowed with an attentive and intuitive listening, Thomas Thibon plunges into your universes and dreads to the closer your wishes to create harmonious, original and personalized solutions.


Reinvent the codes
Rethink the harmony
Optimize spaces
Play with the volumes and the light
Design the atmosphere



Sublimate your image with your own identity

Gembu Agency rethinks your offices and your spaces.

Welcome areas and of meetings convey the image of the company with the collaborators and the customers. The ornamental structure of spaces influences directly the performance of the company, its image and its development.

Collaborators energised by their working environment, customers and comfortable and delighted visitors, the Gembu scenography agency the positive impact of your premises. 

Well-Being Meeting

Spread the well-being in your professional environment

The Well-Being Meeting is a concept based on Gembu's experience for your rooms of meeting, reception and relaxation.

A simple goal : Employees dynamised by their work environment, clients and visitors comfortable and charmed, this is what Gembu offers in its "solutions-projects" consultation.

Receptions and meeting rooms can all be part of the image of your company and can bring a favourable atmosphere to well-being when very often the decorative identity of professional spaces is unfortunately flat in spite of being refined.By applying to a space the Feng Shui and the energy precepts, we precisely adapt and improve the space which allows

Concentration & Well-being

Efficiency & thinking

Good listening & Assimilation

Communication & Consultation

Feng Shui


Feng Shui is at the same time a science and art arisen from the Taoism about 2500 years ago. Literally "wind and water", his discipline exactly deals with the influences of the environment to act in depth on the living conditions of the people by places.

Deciphering jointly the the influence of forms, colors, materials, directions of the space and the cycles of time, Feng Shui applies that places and our environment, its configurations and its organization, train our humors and our psychic state for the everyday life to revitalize our lives.