Well-Being Meeting

Agence Gembu | Interior Design

The Well-Being Meeting Room is a concept based on Gembu's experience

A simple goal : Employees dynamised by their work environment, clients and visitors comfortable and charmed, this is what Gembu offers in its "solutions-projects" consultation.

Receptions and meeting rooms can all be part of the image of your company and can bring a favourable atmosphere to well-being when very often the decorative identity of professional spaces is unfortunately flat in spite of being refined.By applying to a space the Feng Shui and the energy precepts, we precisely adapt and improve the space which allows :

Concentration & Well-being

Efficiency & thinking

Good listening & assimilation (integration

Communication & Consultation

Two methods are led consecutively :

- a first approach called defensive, by which we must identify and neutralize any negative impact or harmful energy.

- a second approach, a revitalizing one this time, by which a good elemental circuit is activated (wood, fire, earth, water, metal) and in which the balance Yin/Yang is best defined.